This Week

  • The Power of Serving Others

    Together, we can share God's love in greater ways! Joyce and a few of our partners share candidly about the power of reaching others in need.

  • Soul Control - Part 1

    Do you find yourself easily frustrated? If so, God can help you become more peaceful and patient. Learn how to put your trust in Him!

  • Soul Control - Part 2

    How patient are you really? Learn how to apply your faith during frustrating situations, so you can
    remain peaceful and stay happy.

  • Hope for Short Creek

    A cult leader in Utah manipulated an entire population to live under his control. Learn how Hand of Hope is helping women and children who've broken free.

  • The Inner Life

    How scary would it be if others could see your every thought and motivation? Learn how God's Word cleans up the mess inside of us!