This Week

  • Dealing with Doubt - Part 1

    Have you ever let doubt steal your hope and happiness? Learn how to trust God daily for the good things He wants to give you.

  • Dealing with Doubt - Part 2

    It's dangerous to make life decisions based on what we think and feel. Learn how to get the facts before making your final decisions.

  • God Will Meet You Where You Are

    No matter what you've done, God is here to help you. Discover the life transformation that's possible when you surrender to Him.

  • Out of Control and Loving It! - Part 1

    Getting your own way sounds good, but is it really? Today, Joyce shares insights to help you give God total control of your life and relationships.

  • Out of Control and Loving It! - Part 2

    A mature believer can submit to God's authority, no matter what that might mean. Today, Joyce shares why it gets easier over time.