This Week

  • Stop Complaining

    We have so much to be thankful for! Today Joyce shares practical wisdom about the pain of complaining and the freedom that comes with gratitude.

  • The Fall of Joyce Meyer - Literally - Part 1

    Are you ready to get real? Today, Joyce speaks candidly with Ginger and Erin about some crazy health challenges she's recently faced and what God taught her about pressing on during difficult times.

  • The Fall of Joyce Meyer - Literally - Part 2

    Ever feel like giving up? Get ready for some practical encouragement as Joyce joins Ginger and Erin, and in true Talk It Out fashion, gets real about never giving up, despite the circumstances.

  • Resist the Devil - Part 1

    Is the devil putting thoughts in your head? Today, Joyce discusses strategies the devil uses to undermine our thinking and the best way to resist him, once and for all.

  • Resist the Devil - Part 2

    How do you know when the devil is at work in your life? Today, Joyce discusses some of the tactics of the enemy and shares the tools God gives us to fight back and win.