This Week

  • Unrealistic Expectations - Part 1

    Have you gotten upset lately? Tune in for some relatable stories and wisdom from God's Word to help you overcome feelings of disappointment.

  • Unrealistic Expectations – Part 2

    Feeling discouraged? Today, Joyce shares promises from God's Word that will help you stay hopeful and happy.

  • The Search for Self-Worth

    So many people feel worthless, as though they do not matter, but did you know that when God looks at you, He sees Jesus? Today, Joyce shares the secret to finding your worth in Christ.

  • Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit

    Do you know what it means to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit? Today, Joyce explains the importance of the third member of the holy Trinity.

  • Tests and Rewards

    Do you remember being tested in school? Today, Joyce discusses the school of the Holy Ghost, being tested and what it takes to be promoted to the next level with God.