This Week

  • Be Careful How You Live

    What would you do differently if Jesus showed up at your door today? Joyce shares how to live "on purpose, for a purpose" starting today.

  • Characteristics of Humility - Part 1

    Humble people have more fun. Joyce shares what it means to be humble in spirit, and how it helps us love others well.

  • Characteristics of Humility - Part 2

    Humble people are happy people. Joyce shares practical tips to help you experience more joy in your life and relationships.

  • Breaking Free

    You can live the life of your dreams if you're willing to make some changes. Today, Joyce shares how to stop people-pleasing and start living in faith.

  • I Will Not Fear

    Never fear because God is with you, working for your good. Today Joyce welcomes Christine Caine to talk about Project GRL and the fight against human trafficking.