Spiritual Growth

  • Unshakeable Trust Part 3

    Trusting God gets easier when we get to know His character. Learn how to confidently lean on Him during every season of life.

  • Unshakeable Trust – Part 2

    When bad things happen, we can still trust that God loves us and that He has a good plan for our lives. Be encouraged to trust Him at all times.

  • Unshakeable Trust - Part 1

    It's God's deep love for us that sustains us through our trials. Today, Joyce shares encouraging insights from her book Unshakeable Trust.

  • What's in the Bible for You? - Part 2

    The idea of studying the Bible can feel overwhelming, but it doesn't have to. Today, Joyce and the Talk It Out ladies discuss just how life-changing God's Word is!

  • What's in the Bible for You? - Part 1

    Have you ever felt intimidated at the thought of studying the Bible? Today, Joyce joins the Talk It Out ladies as they discuss practical ways to soak up God's Word.

  • Grow Your Faith – Part 2

    What's been challenging your faith lately? Today, Joyce shares scriptures and strategies to help you increase your faith in Jesus.

  • Grow Your Faith - Part 1

    We need to know how to use the faith we have. Today, Joyce shares practical ways to release your faith every day.

  • I Will Not Fear – Part 2

    Fear leads you in the wrong direction, so why not give faith a chance? Learn how to stand in faith no matter how you feel.

  • I Will Not Fear - Part 1

    Ever allow fear to control you? Today, Joyce shares how the Word of God can empower you to become a person of unshakeable faith.

  • Unshakeable Trust – Part 4

    Can our words really make a difference? Discover the truth as Joyce explains the importance of our words and the various ways they impact our lives.

  • Evidence of a Perfect Heart - Part 2

    God's vision for our life is often much bigger than we realize. Today, Joyce shares how to put His plans into practical action.

  • Parables: Seeing Myself - Part 2

    The world is full of compromise, but we are called to a higher standard. Today, Joyce shares practical ways to display faith and humility.

  • Parables: Seeing Myself - Part 1

    God is able to do incredible things in you and through you. Discover the power of persistent prayer and start asking God for bigger things!