Spiritual Growth

  • Is Your Get-Up-and-Go Gone? - Part 2

    Today on the program, find out how to reignite your passion and transform your life as Joyce shares powerful insights on the importance of stirring yourself up, as well as those around you.

  • Is Your Get-Up-and-Go Gone? - Part 1

    Do you ever get tired of what you're doing? Today on the program, Joyce discusses why it's so important to do the right thing, with a right attitude that honors God.

  • A Patient Attitude

    How patient are you? Discover the priceless value of a patient attitude, with helpful tips from Joyce today.

  • A Thankful Attitude

    On today's show, unlock the life-changing benefits of cultivating a thankful, grateful attitude with these powerful insights that will transform your life and how you see the world around you.

  • Faith & How It Works - Part 2

    Faith takes patience. Today, be encouraged to continue releasing your faith through prayer, the words you speak, and more!

  • Faith & How It Works - Part 1

    God has more in store for you than you can imagine. Be encouraged to pray bold prayers and release your faith in agreement with His Word.