Spiritual Growth

  • Right and Wrong Mindsets

    You have what it takes to overcome! Today, Joyce shares a message that will help you deal with issues that are often easier to ignore.

  • Hearing from God

    God speaks to us in our everyday lives! Join Joyce as she reveals some of the specific ways we can hear from God.

  • Galatians – Part 2

    When God works in our lives, we need to give Him credit. Today, Joyce shares how obedience leads to greater blessings as she teaches from Galatians Chapter 5.

  • Big Questions for Women – Part 2

    Sometimes, it's hard to be a woman. Today, Joyce, Ginger, and Erin welcome Lisa Bevere to the set of Talk It Out for a lively discussion on letting go of unhealthy expectations.

  • Big Questions for Women - Part 1

    What aspects of life as a woman are the most challenging? Today, Joyce joins Ginger, Erin, and special guest Lisa Bevere for a discussion about all the things women want to know!

  • Galatians – Part 3

    Love is about putting others first. Learn about God's great love for us and the good things that come through sharing His heart with others.

  • It's Time to Push - Part 2

    Today Joyce shares what it means to be faithful. Learn how you can display this fruit of the Spirit in your daily life.

  • Taking Risks

    Are you ready to take a step of faith today? Joyce shares how to leave your old habits behind and pursue the new things He has for you.

  • Breaking Free – Part 2

    Adventure is found in starting something new, and also in stopping something that's old. Be encouraged to make bold Spirit-led decisions in your life!

  • Breaking Free - Part 1

    You can live the life of your dreams if you're willing to make some changes. Today, Joyce shares how to stop people-pleasing and start living in faith.