Personal Development

  • The Test of Confidence - Part 2

    Knowing your identity in Christ allows you to serve God and others with true humility. Discover the beauty of being who you were created to be.

  • The Test of Confidence - Part 1

    We're free to be our true selves when we know who we are in Christ and are confident in His plans for our lives. Learn how to let your true self shine!

  • If at First You Don't Succeed - Part 1

    God loves you so much! Today, Joyce shares why it's so hard for some of us to believe it, and what God's love looks like in our everyday lives. You might be surprised!

  • The Fall of Joyce Meyer - Literally - Part 2

    Ever feel like giving up? Get ready for some practical encouragement as Joyce joins Ginger and Erin, and in true Talk It Out fashion, gets real about never giving up, despite the circumstances.

  • The Fall of Joyce Meyer - Literally - Part 1

    Are you ready to get real? Today, Joyce speaks candidly with Ginger and Erin about some crazy health challenges she's recently faced and what God taught her about pressing on during difficult times.

  • Victory Demands Self-Control - Part 2

    You can let go of stress and frustration by learning how to say NO to your feelings. Learn how to resist these temptations today!

  • Victory Demands Self-Control - Part 1

    We need to learn how to resist temptation! Today, Joyce shares about good decisions you can make that will bring you peace, joy, and security in the long run.