Knowing God

  • Parable of the Talents

    What sets God's people apart from the world? Today, Joyce shares more enlightening truths from Matthew 25.

  • Parable of the Sower – Part 2

    It's so easy to become cynical in today's world. Hear the Parable of the Sower and learn how it can help you keep a positive attitude.

  • Parable of the Sower - Part 1

    Obeying God leads to spiritual growth and extraordinary blessings in our lives. Be encouraged to increase your commitment to God today!

  • Parable of the Rich Young Fool - Part 2

    Why does God sometimes ask us to give away "stuff" that's precious to us? Joyce explains Jesus' parable, and shares personal stories about a cape, a bracelet and a red dress.

  • Parable of the Rich Young Fool - Part 1

    What does it mean to be greedy? Today, Joyce shares what we all need to learn from Christ's parable of the rich young fool.

  • If I Could Do It Again – Part 2

    It's hard to face the truth about yourself. Today, Joyce shares some of the benefits of taking responsibility for your actions in order to grow in your relationship with Christ.

  • If I Could Do It Again - Part 1

    Today, Joyce answers the question, "If I could go back and do it again, what would I change?" Her answers might surprise you.

  • A Prayer How-To - Part 2

    Do you feel you have to impress God with the eloquence of your prayers? Today, Joyce and her Talk It Out friends discuss the importance of an unfiltered, authentic prayer life.

  • A Prayer How-To - Part 1

    Does prayer seem like a chore to you? God is our friend, and prayer is simply talking to God. Joyce and the Talk It Out ladies unpack the truth about simple prayer.

  • Loving Difficult People – Part 2

    God's love can be shared in so many ways. Learn how you can love difficult people today!

  • Loving Difficult People - Part 1

    Do you struggle to walk in love? Today, Joyce discusses agape love and the benefits of loving people who might be difficult to love.